In front of the Royal Palace

King Carl Johan surveys his realm.

Posing before the Royal guardsman

The National Theater

Statues before the National Theater

An interlude: I was taking a break from my long walk, sitting on a bench at Halfdan Kjerulfs Plass, when this group of young people, whom I presume to be from a theatrical group, passed by. They were pulling along a cart on which a piano-playing guy in a white furry costume sat. One of the guys pushing the cart had a polar bear mask on. There was the tinkling of the piano as the group made its way slowly along St. Olav’s Gate, a strange counter point to the almost empty and quiet street.

One of the ubiquituous trams in the old part of the city

Right across the University of Oslo lies a long line of bookshops, some as old as a hundred years, like this one. I wanted to get in and browse, but it was already closed. I realized it was already 9:30 pm, though the sun was still out!

Soaking the sun along Fredericks Gate

The view from the Royal Palace, looking towards Parliament at the bottom of the hill

A sculpture by Gustav Vigeland in the National Gallery

At the Eidsvolls Plass on Carl Johan’s Gate. My friend Tere, who works in the Philippine embassy in Oslo, said the pool is turned into a skating rink when the waters freeze in the winter. Meantime, in the middle of summer, kids are frolicking around it. This photo was taken at 9:30 pm.

The monolithic Historical Museum looks more like a medieval fortress (well, it could’ve been such hundreds of years ago).